Ecom Express Funding Highlights

Latest Funding RoundSeries C
Total Funding Raised₹2082.58 Cr
No. of Investments Made2
Total No. of Acquisitions0

Lead Investors 3

  • Warburg Princus, Partners Group, CDC Group

Funding History

TheKredible's 'Funding History' report provides deep insights of Funding with list of Lead Investors

₹798 ₹399

Shareholding Structure - Ecom Express.pdf

Team at TheKredible has gone through several ROC filings and portrayed Shareholding Structure of the company.

₹998 ₹499

Investment Company Done

Detailed report about the Invtestments made by the company till date.

₹998 ₹499

Funding Per Year

A Funding report of the company's overall funding on yearly basis, segregated by the team TheKredible.

₹398 ₹199