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Decoding 100X VC’s Class 10 Cohort

  • February 12, 2024
  • By Team TheKredible
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100X VC announced the launch of its Class 10 late last year. The cohort featured 15 early-stage startups across various different segments. 

The funds contributed during this cohort were entirely put in by 100X VC. It contributed Rs 1.25 crore into each of the startups securing 15% shares in each post the infusion of the funds.

It is also worth noting that while a couple of the companies have generated a small amount of revenue, most companies are in the pre-revenue stage.


Arthum is a fintech company that focuses on solving the working capital needs of SMEs. In FY23, it generated a revenue of Rs 29.39 lakh with losses of Rs 25.21 lakh. Notably, the four-year-old company had managed to gain Rs 0.07 crore in profits in FY22. Its complete details are undisclosed as it is yet to file the relevant documents.


BePure is a digital first D2C brand of water purifiers for homes focusing on nanofiltration technology. Post the round, Ninad Sankhe and Sneha Patil own an equal share of 42.5% of the company.

It generated Rs 4.2 crore through operations in FY23 with losses of Rs 17.21 lakh. It stands at a current valuation of Rs 8.33 crore.


Climate tech firm Buckmint focuses on decentralizing exchange for carbon credit trading. Currently in a pre-revenue stage, it has a valuation of Rs 8.33 crore. Post the cohort, founders Mayank Chauhan and Shaurya Chauhan hold an equal 34% shares while Ram Verma owns 17%.


B2B marketplace Cutbox works in restocking kirana stores. While founders Saurabh Agnihotri and Muhammad Ziaul Hoda held an equal 39.92% each, the likes of Jashu Krishna and Shubha Agnihotri held 0.6% of the company shares, post the cohort. It is currently valued at Rs 8.34 crore. 

The two-year-old company recorded its first year of revenue last fiscal year with Rs 43.53 lakh from operations and Rs 70.28 lakh losses.


Hyderabad-based DailyBee is an app that helps small and medium retailers sell their products on ONDC. After the infusion, founders Snehith Budime and Avasarala Satya Teja each own 40.37% while Uppala Poornachander holds 4.25%.

The B2B SaaS company saw a revenue of Rs 1.51 crore from operation last fiscal year with a profit of Rs 2.61 lakh. It is worth noting that DailyBee is one of the two companies in the cohort which have made profits in FY23.


Established in 2023, Datavio is an AI-led marketplace intelligence and optimization software for consumer brands. Mayank Prasoon, Kunal Parmani, and Mukul Agarwal each own 28.29% each. It is valued at Rs 8.31 crore post the funds put in during the cohort. It is currently in its pre-revenue stage.


Established just last year, Flabs provides SaaS for managing diagnostic labs. Post the infusion, an equal share of 20.82% was each held by Yash Chaudhary, Dhwaj Gupta, Ayush Chauhan, and Harsh Kumar while Tides held 1.7% shares. Currently in its pre-revenue stage, the company has a valuation of Rs 8.33 crore.


B2B SaaS company Hatchfast provides a no-code AI tool for functional test automation. Sachin Manohar Baiskar and Rajesh Kalane own 42.5% of the company shares each after the cohort. The Pune-based company is currently in the pre-revenue stage.


HR tech company HYRGPT facilitates recruiting talent with Gen-AI Co-Pilot. Currently in the pre-revenue stage, its valuation stands at Rs 8.33 crore. Post the infusion of 100X VC’s cohort funds, Debi Kar and Neha Mathur own an equal 31.87% each, and Sameer Dharap holds 21.25% shares.


JoySpoon is a D2C brand of Indian mouth fresheners. Post infusion of the funds, Yash Mehta held 62.47% shares and Vaishali Mehta had 12.75% shares. Rajkumar Jain owns 9.77% of the company. The pre revenue company’s valuation currently stands at Rs 8.3 crore.


MiClient is a unified sales platform to close B2B sales deals quicker. The 2018 founded company recorded a revenue from operations of Rs 45.14 lakh with losses of Rs 2.95 lakh in FY23. While Swati Sharma is the largest shareholder in the company with 41.21%, Chandan K G, Mukesh Raj Goyal, and Vikas Kuthiyala follow with 40.01%, 2.13%, and 1.65% shares respectively.


Bengaluru-based Offside is an all-in-one social platform for cricket fans. The two-year-old company is in the pre-revenue stage. Post the funding infusion, Shivam Jha, and Rishav each hold 42.5% shares of the company.


At source rental marketplace providing top quality sports gear on demand company Sprentzo was one of the three consumer tech brands in the cohort. It generated Rs 2.65 lakh in revenue with Rs 5.73 lakh losses in its first year generating revenue in FY23. Piyush Jain and B H Pravruth hold 42.5% of the company’s shares after the cohort.


The Happiness Project is a Bangalore-based digital happiness gym. Currently in its pre-revenue stage, Tintisha Sagar and Natasha Sagar own 42.5% of the company’s shares post investment from 100X VC.

Wastefull Insights

Clean tech company Wastefull Insights is pioneering automated waste segregation through robotics and computer vision. In FY23, it saw a revenue of Rs 60,400 from operations with profits amounting to Rs 15,500. After DailyBee, Wastefull Insights is the only other profit-making company in the cohort.

Wastefull Insights’ shareholding pattern post conversion of CCPS into equity shares cannot be derived currently as the resultant number of shares to be issued on conversion of Series 1 CCPS (conversion ratio) shall be determined at a later stage, the company added in the filings.

However, as per TheKredible, it has diluted shareholding by 15% post allotment of shares to 100X.VC. Following this, Rishabh Shah held 75.65% shares, while Manali Agarwal and CIIE.CO followed with 7.65% and 1.7% shares respectively.